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Do You Want to Learn or Teach?
How to Succeed
Through Prison and Beyond
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Books / Courses
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Why Michael Santos?
  • Michael Santos Served 26 Years in Federal Prison
  • While In Prison Michael Prepared for Successful Release
  • Michael's Authenticity Inspires Others
  • Michael Has An Unmatched Record of Accomplishments
  • Michael Created Resources To Assist Teachers and Prisoners
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee on All Products
Earning Freedom
  • 446-Page Soft-Cover Book -or- Available in Digital Format
  • Follow Michael's Journey From Day of Arrest to Day of Release 
  • Shows how to sustain Energy and Discipline Through Prison
  • Learn How to Build and Maintain Intrinsic Motivation
  • Learn Proven Path of Success Through Struggle
  • $25.00--Shipping Included, Fulfilled by Amazon
Triumph! Straight-A Guide
  • 227-Page Soft-Cover Book -or- Available in Digital Format
  • Written Specifically for Adults Serving Time in Jail or Prison 
  • Teaches Values-Based Strategies to Succeed Through Prison
  • Teaches Goals-Oriented Approach to Overcome Challenges
  • Shows Strategy That Others Can Use to Build Resources For Success
  • $15.00 Shipping Included, Fulfilled by Amazon
Prison! My 8,344th Day
  • 130-Page Soft-Cover Book -or- Available in Digital Format
  • Narrates Typical Day During Michael's 23rd Year of Imprisonment 
  • Teaches Relationship Between Daily Decisions and Success
  • Shows Readers How to Reject Criminal Lifestyle and Negativity
  • Authentic Example of How to Prepare For Success Upon Release
  • $15.00 Shipping Included, Fulfilled by Amazon
Success! Straight-A Guide
  • 162-Page Soft-Cover Book -or- Available in Digital Format
  • Written Specifically for At-Risk Juveniles 
  • Teaches Values-Based Strategies to Reject Criminal Lifestyle
  • Teaches Approach to Build Intrinsic Motivation for Juveniles
  • Shows Strategy Juveniles Can Use to Build Mentor Relationships
  • $15.00 Fulfilled by Amazon
Earning First $1,000,000
  • Soft-Cover Book -or- Available in Digital Format
  • Provides Insight into Prison Adjustment 
  • Shows how Adjustment Strategy in Prison Led to Success Upon Release
  • Discusses Strategy for Owning Real Estate
  • Reveals How to Succeed After Prison
  • $20.00 Fulfilled by Amazon
Earning Freedom Mastermind Course
  • Soft-Cover Workbook -or- Available in Digital Format
  • 10 Lessons Written Specifically To Motivate People in Prison 
  • Teaches Strategies from Masterminds Like Mandela, and Gandhi
  • Prepare For Success Through Prison and Beyond
  • Learn Relationship Between Adjustment and Success in Society
  • $25.00 Fulfilled by Amazon
Michael Santos
3333 Michelson Drive, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92612
Desk: 949-334-9119
Cell: 415-419-1728
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